The Best Exercises to Last Longer in bed With your Man.

The Best Exercises to Last Longer in bed With your Man.

Intimacy is an important component of all relationships and although it is similar to sex, they are very different.  In today’s modern world it has become easy to be sucked into the social frenzy of twitter, facebook, and relationship sites; however many will argue that due to social technology, intimacy and sex have dwindled in marriages and relationships.

Due to technology we have lost the ability to communicate effectively with our spouses/partners; thus, creating obstacles in the bedroom.  The good news is that if you want to add some energy, achieve better orgasms, and have better overall health than these 7 exercises can really improve your sex life.

1 – Squats:

Squats should be a women’s best friend as this exercise will tone the legs and the butt; however it is what it does to the southern hemisphere that really counts in the bedroom.  Women tend to need a little help at times to get the blood flowing to the genitalia and squats will achieve this and get the blood flowing to energize your libido.

2 – Pelvic Tilts:

This exercise is beneficial for both the ladies and the men, because it strengthens the muscles that are utilized the most during sexual intercourse.  Women especially can benefit from this exercise as women tend to suffer from lower back pain which can impact desire and sexual positions.  Pelvic tilts will strengthen the lower back making it easier to achieve those positions that your man desires.

3 – Bicep Curls:

For men great biceps are very attractive and a turn on for a lot of women, but for the women it is all about the testosterone that is released during strength training.  Strength training benefits both the men and the women in the bedroom as this exercise is the natural and healthy way to increase testosterone levels in both genders that will increase the desire for sex.

4 – Plank Pose:

This is the exercise of all exercises as it works the upper abdominal’s, obliques, thighs, and butt.  Ever been caught in that awkward moment of trying to get from one position to another but fail badly?  Well this exercise is what the doctor has ordered! It helps create stabilization during the transition from one position to another, but it also helps with stabilization when on all fours, or in any position when the woman is on top.

5 – Seated Leg Extensions:

Have you ever had that not so good sensation of your thighs quivering during or after sexual intercourse?  This exercise will help eliminate this not so good feeling by strengthening the thigh muscle.  Men and women both can benefit from this exercise as the thigh muscle is used routinely during sex and due to the muscle being so large it fatigues quickly, thus causing the not so pleasant quivering that some have experienced.

6 – Abs:

We all have seen the television talk shows where women are yelling at the men to, “Take it off”!  Women literally go nuts over sexy abs, but it is more than just a crazy yelling frenzy going on inside that body, sexual desire is building as well.  However, men also build sexual desire by looking at women who have strong sexy abs and since abdominal muscles are regularly engaged during sex doing crunches can help build not only a sexier you, but also sexual desire.

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