Tips: How To Add Lion Xsan Client to Xsan 2.2 Environment

Hi, this is my first writting in English and tutorial on this new blog … 😀

Why do I have to write this tutorial/tips? Because it’s hard to find discussion or blog who suceed to solve this problem.

* please forgive my bad english

Solution to Add Lion as Xsan Client  to Xsan 2.2 Environment …
1. Go to your Xsan controller,  and using Terminal to copy these files or just print it …
>  Directory Location: /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/config/
> Files: fsnameservers + .auth_secret + config.plist

2. Now you move to Lion Xsan client, and using Terminal or else to do these steps …
> Directory Location: /Library/Preferences/Xsan/

> Files #1 —-> fsnameservers
> Just copy as same as from Xsan Controller

> Files #2 —-> .auth_secret
> Copy the same file from  Xsan Controller, which similar like this …
> Edit to ….

> Files #3 —-> config.plist
> Create this file like below

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “”&gt;
<plist version=”1.0″>
<string>[[XSAN NAME]]</string>

> Change [[XSAN NAME]], referring your config.plist from Xsan Controller

Now, you can open your System Preferences –> Xsan —> Enable Xsan … Wait for a while, it should show you the list of your Xsan Volumes.

If it’s still not working, try this steps …
1. From your Lion Xsan Client, Open Terminal
2. Create new directory /etc/systemserialnumbers
3. Create file called xsan inside  /etc/systemserialnumbers:

[YourName]|[Your Company]

This is your Xsan License/Serial Number for new client, which already registered in Controller but not yet assigned.

4. Change the Group Owner of the directory /etc/systemserialnumbers to _serialnumberd

chgrp -R _serialnumberd  /etc/systemserialnumbers


I have managed to add 2 Lion with this solution … I hope this can solve your problem too 😉

PS: All of these steps require Administrator privileges, e.g. you need to use sudo or similar to do it.


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